Shipping Container Homes: An Introduction

Posted on: 18 April 2022

Shipping containers offer a unique, sustainable way to build your dream home. If you're interested in converting a shipping container into your home, this blog post is for you. This piece explores the basics of converting a shipping container and some tips on what to consider before starting the process. Let's get started! An introduction to converting a shipping container Shipping containers are increasingly being repurposed as homes. Thanks to their durability and modular design, shipping containers can be adapted to a wide range of settings and offer a unique living experience.
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Are Your Steel Supplies Coming From the Right Place?

Posted on: 26 October 2021

Every construction and manufacturing business relies on suppliers. You may have a highly skilled and well-trained workforce, and you may have meticulous plans in place to ensure that you can complete a job to a high standard within the agreed timescale, but if your suppliers let you down, there is little that you can do. Working with competent suppliers who care about the reputation of your business is essential to the success of your company.
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Why Outdoor Roller Blinds Just Make Sense For Australian Conditions

Posted on: 29 June 2021

If you are looking to upgrade the exterior of your home, then you have no doubt at least considered outdoor roller blinds. They look great on a large variety of homes, but for those who have never had them before, you may be wondering if they are more effective than roller blinds or shutters on the inside of your window. There are many reasons why outdoor roller blinds are specifically good for Australian conditions and why they could help you keep your home in better order, but here are three of the most common and important ones that you need to consider before making your final choice!
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What You Need To Know When Purchasing Safety Jackets for Your Construction Crew

Posted on: 1 April 2021

Safety jackets are important pieces of workwear for any construction site. Not only do they increase the visibility of your workers, but they also provide warmth and insulation during many different weather conditions. However, not all safety jackets are the same. Some are lightweight and designed for flexibility, while others are thicker and made for maximum protection on the worksite. In light of these available options, here's what you need to know when choosing the perfect safety jackets for your workers.
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